A collection celebrating the pure magic of childhood, inspired by memories of summers simple joys

Made for sun-soaked days that overflow with activity and excitement, capturing the essence of a carefree and joyful summer in Aotearoa.

Barefoot mornings in the country, foraging for wildflowers and picking fruit on our little orchard.
Beachside adventures building sandcastles, collecting seashells and hunting for bunny tails in the sand dunes.
Balmy evenings swims, picnicking under the open sky.

Every piece in this this collection has been thoughtfully designed, with a focus on on function and beautiful detail.
Featuring sweet silhouettes, natural fibres and playful colour and pattern with a touch of nostalgia and charm in every piece.

Easy summer sets and everyday dresses intended for outdoor exploring and adventures, summer fun and celebrations.

Blurring the line between children’s play and sleepwear,
Elma pieces are made to be loved and cherished, day or night, whatever the occasion.