Caring for your elma

A little love goes a long way.

How you care for your clothing can determine it’s lifespan. We take care in sourcing high quality, natural materials that are not only gentle on your little ones skin, but will also stand the test of time if consciously cared for. Wash less, wash cold and line dry are three little tips you can follow to get the most out of your Elma pieces.

Washing can take a toll on your clothing. If possible, spot clean and hang outside to air dry in to get another wear in between washes. Treat stains sooner rather than later to prevent permanent damage. Cool wash your clothing with similar colours using a gentle and natural laundry detergent.

Choose to dry your garments naturally over tumble drying. Air drying is not only better for your clothes, but also better for the planet compared to tumble drying, which uses a lot of energy to run and can also damage certain fibres.

Your clothing can seem less soft after washing, a quick steam or iron will soften the fibres and leave your pieces feeling as new.

We believe we can teach our children from an early age about the importance of caring for our clothing. We hope that after your little one has outgrown their Elma piece, it can be passed on, creating its own story as it gets handed from one child to the next.