Elma is more than just a clothing brand, it is a celebration of childhood.

Dreamed up by designer and mother of two, Rachel, her girls are the heart behind the brand. Leaving the fashion industry and moving to the country, Rachel took five years off to raise her girls, allowing her to rediscover the magic of childhood, carefree and joyful, every day new and exciting.

Born out of a desire to create clothing as magical as childhood itself, Elma pieces are thoughtfully designed with a focus on function and beautiful detail. Telling our story through sweet silhouettes, natural fibres and playful colour and pattern with a touch of nostalgia and charm in every piece.

Blurring the line between children’s play and sleepwear, Elma pieces are made to be loved and cherished, day or night, whatever the occasion.
We hope that after your little one has outgrown their Elma piece, it can be passed on, creating its own story as it gets handed from one child to the next.

Lovingly designed in Aotearoa, New Zealand.